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Closing the loop

Product Serialization & Traceability

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DecomRx sees a better way.  

Instead of tossing away empty serialized containers, let us decommission them instead.

Decommissioning closes the loop.  

It marks last time and place this unit was seen; and in doing so, decommissioning enables a range of value propositions to lower costs, improve service and promote sustainability.

DecomRx invites dispensers to consider the merits of decommissioning and to contact us for more information about the pilot we are conducting.

During the years 2012-2018, laws and regulations in the United States and 46 other countries mandated improved supply chain visibility and chain of custody to help combat the ever-present counterfeit drug threat.   

Specifically, industry was required to add unique identifiers (i.e. license plates) to the labels of sellable units - a process referred to as "commissioning" - and to track & track those units from point of manufacture to point of dispense.

In the U.S., this equates to more than 4 billion sellable units annually. While these uniquely identified sellable units provide an unprecedented level of supply chain visibility, once empty, final disposition of these tracked & traced, serialized containers is largely unknown; regulations are silent on the matter; and ‘live’ serial numbers end up in the waste stream every day. ​